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  • Barnyarn


    By Robb
  • TG Track 1

    TG Track 1

    By Robb
    Here is a few minutes of blathering around on the strings. One take just to post something Thanksgiving morning. I think i even included a good note or two...
  • let it ride2

    let it ride2

    By Robb
    Seng's tune with a redo ala no wawa
  • Let it Ride

    Let it Ride

    By gsenger Comments (5)
    Paper Army demo I put together of a tune idea from our last session. Just waiting for Jonny to send me some vox. This demo served 2 purposes, 1.) to finish the tune from a collection of riffs and ideas from last session and, 2.) to get more...
  • Gastown 60 bpm

    Gastown 60 bpm

    By Robb
    Even slower. Need to kill some velocity on the hats and snares at this tempo.
  • Gastown 80bpm

    Gastown 80bpm

    By Robb
    Slowed down, but i wouldn't call it swing.
  • Gastown


    By Robb
    A simple track
  • acoustic rhythm

    acoustic rhythm

    By P!Gv0miT83
  • L!ck'n Wood

    L!ck'n Wood

    By P!Gv0miT83
  • First Recorded Track

    First Recorded Track

    By P!Gv0miT83
    Beatles - If I Feel Acoustic Rhythm Electric Lead - Delay , Chorus