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  • Chicken Corn Cant grow

    Chicken Corn Cant grow

    By Robb
    The one string guy does it better with only one string... but i got a kick out of making a mess of it...
  • Gonzos in My Think Tank

    Gonzos in My Think Tank

    By Robb
    Did this one sometime in October, but the file got corrupted. Was able to save it and add back in the effects that was causing it not to load up. Not a good mix, but enough to get the idea up here.
  • Bigger


    By Robb
    Real rough cut here. This would be the first recording of me trying to play a piano.
  • acousticish


    By Robb
    Single guitar track using the piezo pickup on my carvin and a simple drum track. Just getting a rhythm down for now, nothing else to go along with it yet or changes to the progression.
  • Knight Rider with sound effect

    Knight Rider with sound effect

    By Robb
    Tried adding a more traditional sound to the beginning, and then switching it to some overdrive with a car skid sound effect i down loaded. Some what cheesy...
  • KnightRider


    By Robb
    Knight Rider Theme...
  • Face on a Card

    Face on a Card

    By Robb
    Thanksgiving day track. Riff with some bass and drums.
  • Knuperskipple   (Bad Punk)

    Knuperskipple (Bad Punk)

    By Robb
    This is for you mike... The antisatch... Just shameful...
  • Bowman Silk

    Bowman Silk

    By Robb
    Simple as possible drums , some wannabe Satch tones, and a wah.
  • Drive~~


    By Robb
    Some Metal riffs.