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  • T100 and carvin DC

    T100 and carvin DC

    By Robb Comments (2)
    Just messing around for some sustain and feedback with the t100cranked at 7. Its not often i get to mic it loud. I'm convinced the 7 on the t100 is 42 on a normal amp.... though G's laney was 87 when set to 2...
  • Jamestep


    By Robb
    Not as mean as it should be....
  • Roy Boi Fusion Mash

    Roy Boi Fusion Mash

    By Robb
    Fusion, as requested from Roy. That shit hurt my fingers.
  • Donkey Tonk

    Donkey Tonk

    By Robb
    Started out as an attempt ans 70 funk, but never really made it there.
  • Faneufolk


    By Robb
    Folk sample requested by Jon Faneuf on facebook.
  • Country Bumpkin

    Country Bumpkin

    By Robb
    Cleaned up and restrang my bro's guitar. Here's a sample.
  • The Carlise Error

    The Carlise Error

    By Robb Comments (1)
    Two guitars. Was a few takes of improv with no regard for timing or structure.
  • Some sort of Something

    Some sort of Something

    By Robb
    Steady groove in A with a mellow feel
  • Go Over

    Go Over

    By Robb
    I've been slacking on two fronts, 1 no uploads in a long while, and 2, not since the new ax came in. So here's a Sunday morning jam i put together
  • Beatles Cover

    Beatles Cover

    By P!Gv0miT83 Comments (1)
    Drive My Car...