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Robb's files

  • Bowman Silk

    Bowman Silk

    By Robb
    Simple as possible drums , some wannabe Satch tones, and a wah.
  • Drive~~


    By Robb
    Some Metal riffs.
  • Sugar Water

    Sugar Water

    By Robb Comments (2)
    Consider this one an experiment with pickup selections for the lead track. One take switching from bridge to neck, single to humbuckers, and in and out of phase.
  • T100 and carvin DC

    T100 and carvin DC

    By Robb Comments (2)
    Just messing around for some sustain and feedback with the t100cranked at 7. Its not often i get to mic it loud. I'm convinced the 7 on the t100 is 42 on a normal amp.... though G's laney was 87 when set to 2...
  • Jamestep


    By Robb
    Not as mean as it should be....
  • Roy Boi Fusion Mash

    Roy Boi Fusion Mash

    By Robb
    Fusion, as requested from Roy. That shit hurt my fingers.
  • Donkey Tonk

    Donkey Tonk

    By Robb
    Started out as an attempt ans 70 funk, but never really made it there.
  • Faneufolk


    By Robb
    Folk sample requested by Jon Faneuf on facebook.
  • Country Bumpkin

    Country Bumpkin

    By Robb
    Cleaned up and restrang my bro's guitar. Here's a sample.
  • The Carlise Error

    The Carlise Error

    By Robb Comments (1)
    Two guitars. Was a few takes of improv with no regard for timing or structure.