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  • Some sort of Something

    Some sort of Something

    By Robb
    Steady groove in A with a mellow feel
  • Go Over

    Go Over

    By Robb
    I've been slacking on two fronts, 1 no uploads in a long while, and 2, not since the new ax came in. So here's a Sunday morning jam i put together
  • For dan

    For dan

    By Robb
    Uhhh... yeah.... uhhh
  • Teh Morley Phaser

    Teh Morley Phaser

    By Robb Comments (2)
    Just a demo of the morley manual phaser. It may be older than I am.
  • wahhhht?


    By Robb Comments (2)
    Been thinking of getting a new wah. broke out the old tel-ray Morley Fuzz wah. Fuzz is totally borked, My Morley Power wah is toast 100%, and the Morley Phaser just aint wahh no matter how cool it is....
  • Taste of it

    Taste of it

    By Robb
    Quick riff with some dirt in it
  • Skrank


    By Robb
    two of the cheesiest sounds i could find in Guitar rig...
  • Chameleon


    By Robb
    Hey Abbot!! like i said, i should use the weekend to learn some Herbie Hancock. Here is chameleon. Drums and clav from a midi file.
  • Threads of Things

    Threads of Things

    By Robb
    Typical session. piano roll some drums. along with some bass. Flop over it like a fish with the guitar.
  • I Don't Want Too

    I Don't Want Too

    By Robb