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  • UUUUUurrrrrggghhh!


    By Robb
    Mike decamp's song. scooby doo country punk.
  • Warm puddin...    fun with 5/4

    Warm puddin... fun with 5/4

    By Robb
    tonight's riff i liked
  • Thirty Four Twenty

    Thirty Four Twenty

    By Robb
    Haven't posted in a while, figured i was due to whip up something for this evening.
  • all clean

    all clean

    By Robb
    just some riffs on the clean channel
  • half clean

    half clean

    By Robb
    just a small riff on a driven clean channel
  • Rolling


    By Robb
    Saterday afternoon tracks. A little bit of a leslie imitation.
  • My Heart Beat

    My Heart Beat

    By Robb
    2/3rds Extra funk than an ordinary man. Lots of gate, compression, noise reduction, and EQ to get a sample using an SM57 mic on my chest. This is really my heartbeat.
  • Ronyart


    By Robb Comments (1)
    Just a jam to get Mikes (now working) Traynor YCS50 combo amp some use before i send it home.
  • One Finger

    One Finger

    By Robb
    I busted my left hand ring finger... was going to play some slide, but somehow lost it. So, i played two tracks with my index finger. now with about 20 minutes in... my hand killing me..a terrible mix with terrible playing... i was about to...
  • This is what it is - added second guitar

    This is what it is - added second guitar

    By Robb
    Added another guitar and panned em hard left/right and tried another mix with louder drums