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Robb's Audio

  • Bad dream sample for jon boy

    Bad dream sample for jon boy

    By Robb
    just an old riff.
  • Thanks Giving Tracks 2016

    Thanks Giving Tracks 2016

    By Robb
    Some tracks while the turkey is in the oven...
  • Thanksgiving Day Metal

    Thanksgiving Day Metal

    By Robb
    Needed to put something down... chose to make a metal riff.
  • Drizzle


    By Robb
    Sloppy Gm7 with some single coils and and some saturation all around.
  • test


    By Robb
  • shooting sun

    shooting sun

    By Robb
    Once again its been too long since i posted anything. This time around since i've even played. I threw this together just to play something, and figured it should be posted in the "sit down, plug in, record, and post it" idea.
  • Gastown 60 bpm

    Gastown 60 bpm

    By Robb
    Even slower. Need to kill some velocity on the hats and snares at this tempo.
  • Gastown 80bpm

    Gastown 80bpm

    By Robb
    Slowed down, but i wouldn't call it swing.
  • Chicken Corn Cant grow

    Chicken Corn Cant grow

    By Robb
    The one string guy does it better with only one string... but i got a kick out of making a mess of it...
  • Gonzos in My Think Tank

    Gonzos in My Think Tank

    By Robb
    Did this one sometime in October, but the file got corrupted. Was able to save it and add back in the effects that was causing it not to load up. Not a good mix, but enough to get the idea up here.